August 2018: Solo Exhibition in NYC

Next Fall I will return to NYC for my second solo at Ivy Brown Gallery, more information soon.

March 2018: Solo Exhibition in London

This summer I will travel to James Freeman Gallery in London to discover and exhibit artifacts that explore the ancient history of its Islington neighborhood.

November 2017: Listed as Top 5 exhibit in Dallas

Excerpt from article by Kendall Morgan-- "It’s rare for local sculptor Joshua Goode to show his conceptual pieces in his hometown. On the heels of his well-received New York show at Ivy Brown gallery earlier this year, Goode brings his fascination with personal mythology and ancient artifacts to Ro2 Art."

March 2017: Review of Ivy Brown Gallery exhibit in ArtSlant

Review of 'Origin of Myth' exhibit at Ivy Brown Gallery by Zachary Small in ArtSlant

February 2017: Review of MAC exhibit in Dallas Observer

Review of my exhibition 'Outhouse Oracle' at The MAC by Jennifer Smart in the Dallas Observer

February 2017: Exhibition is #3 in Texas Top 10

My exhibition Outhouse Oracle is listed as the #3 Fine Arts event in the state of Texas in Arts and Culture magazine in their Texas Top Ten,

July 2016: Featured on Russian National News

The Russian National News came out to cover my discovery of the Medieval Monster Truck Armor and Two Headed TRex.  The story was presented during the evening news on July 27.

March 2016: Awarded Residency in Russia

I have been awarded a fully funded residency in St. Petersburg, Russia through CEC Artslink for July 2016.  I am excited about this opportunity to return and reconnect with their art community.

February 2016: In collection of Croatian Museum

My recent piece for the Drava Biennale will remain in Croatia as part of the permanent collection of the Muzej Grada Koprivnice.

January 2016: Upcoming Solo Show at Museum in Barcelona

Have confirmed a solo exhibit at the Capellades Museum in Barcelona, Spain to open August 28.  The exhibit will also collaborate with the famous nearby Neanderthal archaeological site- Abric Romani.  I am looking forward to sharing the wonderful artifacts I will find there.

August 2015: Featured in article covering Biennial

Chip Chandler discusses my work included in the Amarillo Museum of Art Biennial in the Friday, August 13 edition of the Amarillo Globe News.

May 2015: Solo Exhibition in German Gothic Cathedral

This May I will create a large site specific installation in the Monchskirche Salzwedel, a Gothic Cathedral turned contemporary art gallery in Salzwedel, Germany.

March 2015: Solo Exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia

This March I will exhibit the artifacts I discover during my residency in Finland in a solo exhibition at the Borey Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

March 2015: Residency in Finland

This March I will complete a residency at Haihatus in Joutsa, Finland where I will discover the remains of an ancient Aurora-Rhoman Armory that was once part of a large fortress that once guarded the northern edge of the empire.

March 2014: Featured on Croatian TV Special

Special Croatian News report that features me and my project. POLA URE KULTURE 19.3.2014   

September 2013: Featured in New Zealand Magazine

The online arts magazine 'Sideroom' that is based in Auckland, New Zealand ran a feature on my work.

August 2013: DMagazine's 'Front Row' covers German Dig

Peter Simek covers my latest discovery in Germany.

August 2013: German Newspaper Article

Article discussing my excavation project in Germany during which I found remnants of an ancient Texas civilization.

February 2013: Review in Houston Chronicle

Exhibit at Darke Gallery reviewed by Molly Glentzer. excerpts-- "Goode has created a miniature natural history museum of whimsical artifacts ostensibly unearthed from an ancient subterranean tomb at a site across the street where new townhomes now stand.Goode has let his boyish imagination run wild...
The fun multiplies if you take time to read the elaborate mythology Goode has created. The figures would be intriguing enough on their own, but the stories make you laugh - and ponder a bit."

February 2013: Review in Houston Press

Exhibit at Darke Gallery reviewed by Meredith Deliso. excerpt--"it is a fascinating exploration of one man's personal mythology as he ravages his past and present for material -- and gives it new meaning in the process. The sprawling show presents an impressive range of skill, too, as everything on display, including the beautiful wooden pedestals that support the bell jars and the interactive dig, is the result of Goode's touch. It all makes for a unique show unlike anything you've ever experienced."  

July 2012: Video documenting Spain opening

A video that documents my artist lecture and the opening night of my exhibition Lasala Gallery in Zaragoza, Spain and the surrounding events of the night.
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